It’s no secret that it’s a sellers market, and a shortage of inventory has made multiple offers on homes common – and a frustrating challenge for buyers. Despite this, Two Door Group has helped more than 30 buyers purchase their next home in just the last 5 months.  Don’t be tempted to sit out the market and wait – with a little patience, and the right strategy, that dream spot could be yours. 

With our strong track record of winning multiple offers, we have a keen understanding of how to craft a competitive offer.  Here’s just a few things we do to improve your chances when the market is hot. 

  • Leverage our pre-market resources. We can show you Compass properties coming soon, and as members of Top Agent Network (TAN) we can provide you exclusive access to pocket listings – before they’re in other buyer’s inboxes.
  • Surgical pricing analysis. For each offer, we provide our buyers guidance on pricing and offer strategy, including how and when to escalate your offer. 
  • A strong team. Since we work with reputable lenders and attorneys, you can be confident in the financial figures and have your pre-approval ready to submit when it’s go-time. 
  • Agent-to-Agent Communication. Although this process is a blind bid, we communicate with the seller’s rep to ensure we’re well connected to ensure a beneficial outcome.  On more than one occasion, our clients’ offer is selected on the professionalism and reputation of our team agents. 


Wrap up: The simple part is looking for a home, but how can you make it yours at the appropriate price, especially in this competitive market? With our comprehensive search collections, analytical market analysis, and by providing the information, resources, and partners you need to confidently make a competitive offer, we’ll make the process smooth.

If you’re interested to discuss more, get in touch with the team. Buyer consultations are completely complimentary, zero-pressure, and are meant to empower you with the knowledge to make the most of your home purchase.

Join us at one of our upcoming FREE home buying seminars. OR Don’t want to wait? Get in contact to schedule a coffee and conversation on your schedule!