You may have heard headlines or seen soundbites talking about the “wild” and “insane” and “crazy” real estate market. While this fast-paced seller’s market may be an unprecedented one (low inventory, increasing prices, historically low rates, multiple offers, etc) — we believe there’s tremendous opportunity for buyers and sellers alike if you have the right information and strategy to enter the marketplace. 

We’re focused on the solutions to help our clients buy, sell and move – regardless of the market conditions. 

From off-market searches, strategic offers and property renovations, here are some of the ways we’re helping Two Door Group clients get from “Here” to “There”: 

For buyers: 

  1. Buying Power: We introduce our buyers to top-notch mortgage consultants so they can take advantage of historically low interest rates and leverage their buying power.
  2. Private Exclusives: As members of Top Agent Network (TAN), we’re searching for off-market exclusives to help our buyers see exclusive properties before they hit the market 
  3. Competitive Offers: We constantly analyze market data so we know the pricing conditions for your offer, allowing us to submit strong offer terms including escalation clauses, while making sure you’re not overpaying for your home and that it appraises.
  4. Experienced Team: We deliver a professional offer packet, complete with cover letter and your pre-approval, to sellers so they see there’s an experienced team on the other side of the aisle.

For sellers: 

  1. Maximizing Equity: We helped our sellers maximize the equity in their home using our no-fee, no-interest Compass Concierge program to prepare their property for the market. 
  2. Bridge Loans: Last month, we helped sellers buy before they sold using bridge loans, so they didn’t require a home-sale contingency when competing with multiple offers
  3. Expert Marketing: We create buyer demand by pre-marketing clients homes on TAN, the Private Listing Network in our MLS and on, which has 3.9M monthly visitors. 

As of mid-May, we have 25 closings scheduled (and counting) between May and July – which is just to say that we’re here to help navigate you through any real estate rollercoaster. It may take a little patience, but – we got you, and you got this!