Is NOW really the best time to sell?

Can you even afford to move? Being under water used to be the most important indicator of whether you could sell your home or not. Although your home value is the most important factor to selling, there are other fees you might want to keep in mind before you contact your Realtor to put a sign in your yard and take advantage of the current seller’s market.

Do you know how much you will pay in transfer taxes, attorney fees, realtor fees, fee fees and tax taxes? It can all be very confusing, especially since tax laws in Illinois keep changing.

The starting point of any good value assessment is the true value of your home. Get yours HERE, and don’t skip the extra step of getting a set of expert eyes on your home. An online portal cannot see the condition of your home in comparison to others on the market.

Did You Know?

  • Online portals are NOT an accurate assessment of your home value.
  • A typical online portal crunches the numbers on the most recently sold properties in your area and DOES NOT take into account your home’s condition, desirability of property your type, the projected market activity in your neighborhood or your timeline in which to make your move.
  • A class action suit was brought against a well known provider of these Estimated Values due to it’s 4-20% discrepancy in home values. The suit was dismissed due to lack of proof that these estimates was taken seriously by buyers. However, what do YOU think buyers do with these estimates when making an offer on your undervalued home?
  • There is no substitute for the personal attention of a Realtor when assessing your home value. If you were selling a house, sure, but you are selling a home. Your home holds a certain value that is more that an average of the market.
  • Consider your online assessment of average accuracy, because that is all it is, an average.

Get an experienced professional on your side when you’re considering selling your biggest asset. In the game of Realtor VS Online Portal, there is no contest when pricing your home correctly.