One thing everyone can agree on when moving is the stress of balancing the buying – and selling side of the transition. You will be packing up your house only to have to unload everything into a new one.  At the same time time, you’re juggling the timing of getting your home ready for it’s debut on the listing market, needing to please the discerning buyers brought up on HGTV. All the while, your decluttering only inspires trips down memory lane and invigorates your hoarding gene. Yes, there are moving companies that will transport your boxes from your old home to a new one, but are they packing everything in boxes for you, too? The Two Door Group’s favorite moving company Move-Tastic! can do both! But wait, there’s more…

Selling Your Home:

If you are packing up as part of your decluttering process before listing, you might need some additional finesse. The sassy ladies of Mission 2 Organize, a company specializing in home organization, has an expert eye when it comes to selecting those things that will make your home look like a magazine, and packing the rest. That magazine look is obtainable in most homes with the right guidance and a few extra sets of hands.

Mission 2 Organize can handle all the regular suspects when preparing your home for sale: organizing closets and cabinets, decking you out with the right boxes, bins and containers to hold all your wares, clearing counters and other surfaces, tidying up storage rooms and more! The best news about all of this: Compass Concierge can cover the upfront costs to do it! Along with cosmetic improvements to make your home sell for more, professional organizers are covered under the Compass Concierge Program.

Buying a New Home:

Moving into the new home has also never been easier. Whether that be assistance in unpacking boxes during a move, closet organization in a new home, or getting your home office back in business, their site has a number of different videos that offer help in many areas of the home that may need organizing. You can find a list of all their services here.

Don’t let the next move get you down. Relish in the excitement of the search and heart-felt goodbyes to the old house and let the experts handle the rest!